Construction Management

In the Construction Management approach, Edwards becomes part of the team with the architect and owner early in the design phase. From the outset, Edwards provides state-of-the-art support and leadership to achieve the owner’s goals regarding quality, schedule and budget. 

During the design development phase, Edwards offers conceptual estimates and value enhancement services. Edwards also evaluates systems and materials to ensure compliance with the owner’s budget and schedule objectives, and makes recommendations, when necessary, that will not affect the quality or functionality of the building. Following conceptual design, Edwards will continue to offer input and feedback regarding the project budget and schedule. 

Edwards’ Construction Management approach also allows the project to be fast-tracked.  Edwards can compress the schedule when portions of the work (such as site development, long lead items, etc.) are contracted prior to completion of the design, thus allowing an earlier occupancy date.  

The transition from design to construction requires complete bid coverage of all segments of the project and award of the work to qualified tradesmen. Over the years, Edwards has developed excellent trade contractor relationships to ensure that Edwards’ clients are provided the most qualified craftsmen available.


Edwards’ Construction Management Advantages:

  • Owners receive an early cost estimate from an experienced contractor  
  • A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) can be determined once the scope of the project is established, however a contingency will be established based upon the level of design development  
  • Owners can benefit substantially from Edwards’ services such as value enhancement and life-cycle cost analysis  
  • Valuable time can be saved since construction can begin before design is completed
  • Construction management fee is established from the beginning  
  • Construction costs are minimized by using the latest systems and materials that have proven most cost-effective  
  • Misunderstandings are eliminated when Edwards, the architect/engineer and owner work together as a team  
  • The final delivered product offers the greatest value based on the owner’s budget and schedule goals