About Edwards Construction

Edwards Construction Services, Inc., a nationally recognized leader, was founded by Steve and George Edwards in Ocala, Florida in 1978. Evidencing its substantial growth in size and stature throughout Florida, the company has operated an Orlando office since 1999, then opened our newest location in Charlotte, North Carolina 2013.


Steve Edwards’ impassioned commitment to improve quality, service and efficiency led to extraordinarily successful projects over the years. As a result, long term working relationships with Fortune 500 companies encouraged Edwards to expand the business geographically as well, including projects from Texas to the Carolinas, and southward throughout Florida. 


Financial strength, an experienced professional staff and a philosophy which embraces honesty, fairness and family, are just a few of the principal assets setting Edwards apart. Accordingly, Edwards’ expertise providing Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contracting services is unmatched in the industry.


Edwards’ success serving its clients is fulfilled through its mission…“100% Customer Satisfaction.” In addition, it is a testament to Edwards’ steady growth and noted repeat client base.